A call from Syria

Why is our Ummah is such a state, who suffered from the fall of the Khilafah, How much do we show belonging to this Ummah, what are we doing for our brothers suffering, what is the path to glory?

All these questions & more are addressed in this Khutbah.



Being a Practicing Muslim

The greatest honoring from Allah is for you to be his servant.

Many Misconceptions have been made up to scare people from obedience to Allah.



Tears from Syria

This Audio lecture was delivered in support of the Syrian uprise. Topics covered:

  • Importance of Sacrifice to gain glory & honor.
  • The statues of today.
  • Who is the ruling party over Syria.
  • Who are the Nusayris (Alawite).
  • The crimes of the Syrian government against their people.
  • The virtues of Greater Syria (Bilad Asham).
  • Our duties.



Why did the prophet Cry?

The prophet & his companions were described to be from the bravest of people, yet they were people who cried. What made them cry? Is it a sign of weakness to cry? Why do we cry?

All this and more is what this lecture covers.

I ask Allah to make it beneficial for you.

Why the prophet cried (tears of the brave lecture)

The brave decision

Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, it could mean at times dealing with much criticism from friends family or society, at times it could mean loosing comfort & peace of mind. At times doing the right thing is to go against the norm, This is the price to pay at times, and its not a cheap one. This is why it requires a brave decision to move forward.

Many people describe bravery in different ways, some believe that being brave means to be the first to do the wrong thing. Others believe its by doing that which is outrageous, however, as Muslims we have a meaning to bravery that is different.

Inshallah this lecture will cover this in some detail.

the brave decission.mp3


Pride (Audio)

One of the most dangerous diseases that afflicts the heart is pride.

What degrades any individual in the site of Allah is this danderous disease, it kills relationship, and brings about hatred between people.

Everyone is commanded to be humble, even Rasullah, even Sheikhs & people of status.

May Allah make us sincere & gift us with humbleness.


Love of Allah (Audio)

How many claim to love Allah? Are claims valid, or is there a criteria that must be met?

What are the signs that Allah loves you?

What does it mean to have Allah love you?

I ask Allah to make us truthful with our claim that we love him, and I ask for his pleasure & love..Amin



Wishes of the dead (Audio)

How Much do you appreciate the gift of life?

In order for you to truthfully answer the question above, you really need to hear the wishes of the dead.. You may ask:

How will I know of their wishes?.. The answer is clear, from the Quran & sunnah.

Listen to this lecture in order for you to find out what they are.

The wishes of the dead.mp3



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