Imman Series

This was the last lecture from Sh Mustapha in Sydney

Syria’s bleeding

This video was recorded in support of the Syrian uprise.


Being cautious of the doubtful

This lesson explains the Hadith “Leave that which you are in doubt of to that which you are no in doubt of”.
Points covered:
1- The ruling of leaving the doubtful.
2- examples of it.


Love for your brother what you…

The explanation of the Hadith: “Non of you shall believe until he loves for his brother that which his loves for himself”.
Points covered:
1- Meaning of non of you shall believe.
2- Applying this hadith.
3- Examples of love for you brother that which you love for yourself.

From Dr Al-Awlaki To Muslims

May Allah have mercy on Imam Anwar Al Awlaki
below is a video from his father, he reminded us of him.

Anger Management

In this lecture Shaykh Mustapha explains the advice the prophet gave to one of his companions, also you will learn how to avoid getting angry from the first place as well as how to control your anger.


Allah, The greatest

When the sea split

This lecture Shaykh Mustapha speaks about a great historical important day to Muslims. That is the day when Allah (The one & only true god) saved Musa (Moses) from the fero of egypt by drowning him after the sea was split & prophet Musa crossed over with his companions.

Never look down at children

This clip was taken from the lecture entitled “Be mindful of Allah part 1″.

This video shows you the example of Rasulallah in never looking down at youngsters & including them in advise & teaching them that which will empower them to be the best.

Children are important people, because they are the future leaders & teachers etc..

Never look down at a child & belittle him/ her, because that is when you killed their spirit in growing to be someone great.

Hadith (Allah is pure) explained

Some of the points covered:
1) Allah’s beautiful attribute.
2) What is Halal?
3) The beauty of the commands of Allah.
4)Working for the Dunya doesn’t go against working for the hereafter.
5) Conditions of allowed work.
6) The wrong understanding of many youth who don’t work.
7) How to thank Allah.

Manners of advice (Video)

Many people don’t think how important it is to have the right approach at the right time & place. They think its about being right, However, its not the case.

Its Important to have the right etiquette when giving advice, some of us may be a cause why people are turned away from the truth.

Following the example of the prophet in Dawah is no less important than following his example in eating & drinking & clothing, etc.

I hope this talk is of benefit, and may Allah make us sincere.

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