Mustapha’s Biography

Mustapha Al Majzoub was born in Saudi Arabia from a family of several Sheikhs whom he benefited from their teachings & upbringing from a young age.

He traveled at a young age to learn Islam in different countries such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia & Syria, and had the blessing of meeting many Sheikhs and benefiting of their knowledge.

He attained a BA in Islamic studies from an accredited Islamic Institue that is approved by Major Islamic Universities & is completing his Masters in Fiqh at Medianh international university. He also attained his Ijazah in Quran recitation.

Currently Mustapha gives lectures on a regular basis to a variety of audiences including delivering the Juma’ah Khutbaht in many different locations around Sydney and occasionally in other localities. He also assists in training potential Islamic speakers, as he is one of the teachers at the Islamic College of Australia ( as well as at the GIYC Institute ( he also teaches at a prominent Islamic School during the week. He is a founding member & head supervisor of the “Islamic Awareness Association Inc.” which has established the Islam Conveyed Dawah campaign including the website &

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